L&H Airco offers a full range of facility system services that support comfort control, energy conservation, system integration, and facility management applications in single and multi-building facilities. Through creative engineering solutions and forward-thinking technology, we provide innovative services that deliver optimum value for our customers’ investments.

Person Working with Energy Management Services

Energy Management

As an Energy Management System (EMS) provider in California, L&H Airco adheres to strict requirements of the Title 24 energy code. We are uniquely skilled in temperature and ventilation control, lighting control, plug load management, demand control, and building commissioning. By applying our expertise to all markets and regions, we guarantee that our customers receive the maximum return on their investment.

Blueprint of Engineering Services


Creative solutions are the cornerstone of L&H Airco. Our engineering group  includes project engineers, programmers, graphic designers, and field engineers. Self-performing these tasks is a critical component to ensure that we deliver quality products to our customers.

Project Development Services

Project Development

With a budget-focused mindset, we create scoping documents and project proposals tailored for each project’s specific needs. Our team of professionals works with architects, contractors, engineers, and end-users to develop comprehensive deliverables with finite details needed to ensure a successful project.

Specialty Equipment Services

Specialty Equipment

L&H Airco has deep roots as an independent equipment supplier and these roots are the foundation of our company history. Today we continue to build on this foundation and are selective in the products we represent. We only partner with manufacturers that provide best in class technology that complement our reputation as a trusted industry leader.

System Integration Services

System Integration

System Integration is prevalent in the projects we complete and is achieved by our diverse strategies. Whether we integrate to a legacy control system, deploy Niagara, or utilize an open protocol such as BACnet or Modbus, L&H Airco knows the value of bringing multiple systems together to leverage a single graphical user interface. A single point of access that bridges multiple systems is an expectation that we deliver.

Unified Systems Services

Unified Systems

Recognizing the advantages of a single system server, network, and IT security management, L&H Airco is an early supporter and implementer of a Unified Building Management System (UBMS). The UBMS allows building operators to diverge from the simple philosophy of energy management and concentrate on total resource management from power consumption to power generation, and from water reclamation to human capital ⁠— all from a single graphical user interface.