CSUS Science II

Sacramento, CA
CSU Sacramento

When California State University, Sacramento developed the new science building, consultants were directed to design around Tridium and BACnet compatible DDC controls according to the University’s standard. LEED gold was the requirement, as well as extensive commissioning, to ensure the critical nature of the space was within the tight tolerances required by the campus. The owner’s representatives were impressed with Alerton because it has both BACnet and the Niagara framework installed in the ACM global controller aiding in the selection of Alerton. Supporting the technical capacity of the Alerton product, L&H Airco was selected based on the price value point and the graphics package demonstrated to the campus representatives. L&H Airco integrated all HVAC and lab Controls into a single database and developed graphics that show the operation of the spaces in a dynamic fashion, and alarm wherever there is a measurement that is out of prescribed ranges.