CA State – 26 Office Buildings & CUP

Sacramento, CA
State of California

Alerton is the State of California’s choice to control their Central Utility Plant (CUP) as well as 26 State of CA office buildings in downtown Sacramento. Each day, the CUP provides the steam and chilled water to heat and cool more than a 5.5 million square feet office space in the state-owned and occupied buildings throughout the downtown Sacramento complex. The central plant includes a 4.2 million gallon thermal energy storage tank that is used to lower the peak electrical operating costs of the central plant during the cooling season. Notably the 78,000 square feet plant has seven chillers running 4160 VAC power, bifurcation valves, a steam turbine generator, and four large 250 PSI steam boilers. L&H Airco also provided the cooling tower that sits atop the building with eight cells and the capacity to pump 55,000 GPM through the cooling tower for heat rejection of the chiller plant.